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Family Law

FABARA & COMPAÑIA ABOGADOS, aware of the human dimension of Family Law, has a specialized Division that offers its clients timely and effective advice and guidance so that they can make informed decisions on highly sensitive issues.

The Family Law Division of the Firm is oriented to preserve, as far as possible, family relationships and seek conciliation. However, we act firmly and demand the application of the full force of the law when this is necessary to protect the interests of our clients.

FABARA & COMPAÑIA ABOGADOS offers specialized legal advice and representation in various matters related to Family Law such as:

  • Pre-marital and matrimonial agreements (marriage settlements), relating to the inclusion or exclusion of assets of the conjugal society or the way in which each spouse will be imputed.
  • Notarial and judicial proceedings for the dissolution of the conjugal society so that the assets acquired by each of the spouses will henceforth belong exclusively to the acquiring spouse.
  • Contentious or causal divorces
  • Notarial and judicial divorces by mutual consent
  • Processes of inventory, splitting and settlement of the marital partnership
  • Advice on food lawsuits.
  • Establishment or modification of visitation regimes.
  • Establishment of a regime for the custody of minors.
  • Processes aimed at the implementation of protection measures in favor of minors.
  • Interdiction proceedings,
  • Establishment of guardianships and curatorship’s.
  • Wills, legacies and commissions,
  • Proceedings related to death succession, such as effective possession, accounting and tax advice, inheritance inventory and partition.