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Energy & Mining

For several years we have been advising several multinational companies in the oil, mining and energy fields. We meet their legal needs before the respective regulatory bodies and defend their interests against public and private interference. We carry out a detailed monitoring of the business possibilities, new projects, privatizations, etc., that may arise throughout the liberalization process that these sectors live today in Ecuador, and we keep our clients permanently informed about their development.

Specialized services in these areas include advice on the following aspects:

  • Obtaining licenses, permits and concessions.
  • Public and private contracting.
  • Participation in pre-contractual and contractual processes.
  • Tax and fiscal implications.
  • Applications of legal and regulatory norms.
  • Negotiation with the respective authorities.
  • Acquisition of oil and mining rights.
  • Environmental law.
  • Constitution of consortiums, temporary unions or “Joint Ventures”.